Weight Loss Programme

Your three-month personalised Metabolic Balance® weight loss programme

Do you find that you struggle to shift the pounds, no matter which diet you try? This is because losing weight is not always as easy as ‘eat less and exercise more’. Put a stop to all the crazy diets and achieve natural, long-term weight loss with Metabolic Balance®!

As well as being a Nutritional Therapist and Registered Nutritionist, I am also a trained and accredited Metabolic Balance® Coach.

What is Metabolic Balance®?

Metabolic Balance® is a personalised and fully coached nutrition programme for long-term weight loss. It has been scientifically developed over the last 20 years by medical experts.

Used by many people across the UK, it was recently unveiled as the secret behind the incredible weight loss of celebrities Sam Smith and Boy George!

How does it work?

Metabolic Balance® is a simple and effective three-month personalised healthy eating programme, aimed at achieving weight loss without deprivation. It’s also beneficial for regulating hormones, increasing energy levels and improving your skin, sleep and general well-being.

The programme is designed around your full blood analysis and takes a natural approach, with no supplements, highly-processed food replacements or calorie counting.

I will recommend foods that work together with your biochemistry to balance your hormones, reduce inflammation and reset your metabolism. This will help you to achieve and successfully maintain your desired weight. I will support your progress throughout the duration of your plan with regular consultations and email support.

Metabolic Balance® is the perfect weight loss programme for anybody who has ever struggled with yo-yo dieting or restricted food plans!


Metabolic balance

12 weeks


  • 1x 60 mins diagnostic consultation
  • Blood tests and blood chemistry analysis
  • 1x 60 mins initial consultation
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • 5x 45 mins follow up consultations
  • Full Body Composition analysis (in person only appointments): Weight, BMI, fat %, Muscle Mass
  • Email support between sessions (Monday to Friday)

What is included in the Metabolic Balance Programme®?

  • A diagnostic consultation: I will take your health history and measurements and discuss the programme with you. This is ideally done in person but I can also offer remote appointments via video call or telephone. (In this case you will need access to scales and a tape measure to monitor your own progress on the plan.)
  • An initial consultation: I will explain how your personalised food plan works.
  • Blood test:
    • For people close to London, blood tests are to be taken at The Doctors’ Laboratory, 76 Wimpole Street, London W1G 9RT. This is the most effective option as it prevents blood samples from degrading and spoiling.
    • For remote clients, blood test kits can be issued for you to arrange a local blood draw, but this will incur extra phlebotomy costs and postage fees.
    • Full blood chemistry analysis
  • Your individual Metabolic Balance® food plan
  • 5 follow-up consultations: I will use these to guide you through the three-month programme.
  • Email support in-between consultations (Monday to Friday)


The total investment for your personalised long-term weight loss Metabolic Balance® programme is £1495.

This includes your blood test, individual food plan, seven one-to-one consultations spread over 12 weeks and email support between appointments.

For more information about Metabolic Balance®, or to start your Metabolic Balance® sustainable weight loss journey, contact me now!

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