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My nutritional resources section provides you with free, helpful, useful nutritional information and tools on various diet and lifestyle topics.

Fed up with relying on sugar to get you through the day?

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After years of dragging myself through the day, constantly tired and exhausted I knew I had to start making the right diet and lifestyle choices.  I knew I had to start taking action to ensure that I wasn’t putting my body at risk of serious health implications such as T2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

And it’s the reason why I want to share this FREE fill-in-the-blanks actionable workbook with you.

Because dialling into what’s causing you to keep craving snacks is the secret to achieving more energy and sustainable weight loss.

Inside ‘Stop cravings + Lose weight in a healthy way’, you’ll discover:

  • The secret step to STOP relying on sugar to give you energy to get through your day so that you can keep up and do things with your children rather than sitting on the sofa or having an afternoon nap
  • The easy snack swaps to make to ensure you stop gaining weight and increase your energy
  • Uncover how to stop using sugary foods as a treat when you aren’t hungry so that you feel in control about what you eat
  • Discover how easily stop heading to the treats cupboard when you’re bored, tired or stressed so that you start seeing your weight head in the right direction

If you’re ready to stop feeling tired all day with no energy, still gaining weight and fed up of relying on sugar to get you through the day…

Click the button below and grab your free copy of the ‘Stop cravings + Lose weight in a healthy way’ actionable workbook today.

Nutritional Press Articles

The following Nutritional Resources are articles I have written for the press online.



  • Four of the most frequently asked questions about nutrition (May)
  • Feeling energised or tired after meals – is it normal? (April)
  • Why am I so bloated all the time and what can I do about it? (March)
  • Has lockdown driven you to be a serial snacker? (February)
  • Veganuary: how to be a healthy vegan in January (January)

Free Resources from your local Nutritionist

7 top tips to sleep better

Nutritional Therapy is an effective way of reducing sleep problems.

I can suggest foods that promote relaxation and the production of sleep hormones, and offer lifestyle tips to ensure you are getting the right quantity and quality of sleep.

Tips to sleep better

COVID19 - Tips to support immunity

Keep Calm Nutrition offers nutrition and lifestyle tips to support your immune system during the Coronavirus outbreak.

As a trained nutritionist, I’ll clarify which foods you should eat and which to avoid, plus other top tips to keep you healthy.

Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

The following Nutritional Resources uncover why Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – is important for so many aspects of your health.

I’ll explain how Nutritional Therapy can ensure you are getting the optimal level.

Nutritional Resources about Zinc and Immunity

Zinc deficiency is associated with various health issues, so your diet should include zinc-rich foods to support your immune system.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I offer nutrition and supplement advice to help support your body’s natural immunity.

Boost your immunity with Zinc

Nutritionist Gift Vouchers

Don’t know what to offer to someone who already has everything?

Why not offer the gift of health to your family and friends by getting them a gift voucher for a special event!

What about optimising their health quickly with a voucher for the Nourish package?

The choice is yours and any of my services are available to purchase as gift vouchers.

Nutritionist Gift Vouchers